About Us


Holler Trade cc was established in 1990 as an export trading house offering sourcing, procurement and logistics into Africa.  Our head office is based in Midrand, Johannesburg, South Africa.  We have offices in Lusaka, Zambia and representation in Botswana and Zimbabwe.  Holler Trade cc has been trading with other countries such as Angola, Mozambique, Malawi, Uganda, Ethiopia, DRC, Namibia, Ghana, Togo, Benin, Rwanda, Kenya and Nigeria.


Having been in business for the past 29 years, we pride ourselves on the service we provide and have well established relationships with major South African and global suppliers.  These relationships have proved vital to the success of projects in remote locations.


Our skilled team of procurement agents can competently source the goods for varying business types such as mining, agricultural, exploration, construction for housing and industrial complexes and the hospitality industry.  Whilst each of these industries is complex and unique, we pride ourselves on attention to detail and teamwork to procure the goods that are required.


Our client list includes a wide range of private, corporate, diplomatic and aid organizations for whom we supply goods such as food, stationery, household and office furniture, flat pack containers, printed material, electronic equipment and components, transformers, generators, underground cable, spares of all kinds for light and heavy weight vehicles, machinery, vehicles, heavy duty earthmoving equipment, building materials and occasionally even animals (pets).  We have consciously specialized in general trade and are promptly able to source a variety of goods to meet the needs of each individual customer.  Our business is principally reactive (we buy what customers ask for) and facilitate the export of the goods to their premises.